The Jury

The jury, comprised of architects, academics, and community representatives will be announced very soon.

Jury Selection

The goal of the competition is to be aspirational for Sudbury 2050 (visionary, phased, and integrated thinking) and to provide a visual language of this process through design.

Proposals will be scored against a number of criteria:
  • Innovative, aspirational and out-of-the-box ideas for Sudbury 2050;
  • Ideas that recognize and address the larger City context, while focusing on design examples of more detailed development in the urban core study area;
  • Multi-functional solutions that address and integrate the competition objectives;


  • Clear pathways for short, medium and long-term actions for each phase/action being proposed;
  • Translation of ideas into understandable and provocative visuals for presentation to the public;
  • Quality of strategy for engaging the community
    in the design process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to frequently asked questions. We will be updating our Frequently Asked Questions section as questions arise.