The Winners

The Best Design ideas for Sudbury’s future!

Our illustrious jury panel has selected the competition winners and the public has selected the People’s Choice winner.

Open Category

$50,000 CAD

And the winner is…

Team #0322

Collectif Escargo: Karyna St-Pierre, Julie Parenteau, Émilie Labrousse, Pierre-Yves Diehl

“An elegant and sophisticated handling of a revitalized city, deftly imagined at an urban scale that heightens community within Sudbury. At all levels, from regional connections to fine urban grain, the scheme shows the promise of revitalized laneways, and suave connections between timber frame commercial spaces and innovative, rewilded commons or public spaces. The team integrates nature, culture and heritage seamlessly, as envisioned by its Francophone team of designers…”

Lisa Rochon, Competition Jury Member, award-winning journalist for the national Globe and Mail newspaper, architecture critic and author, and founder of CityLab in Toronto.

Honourable Mentions - Open Category

The following two projects received an honourable mention by the jury.

Ma-sh-ki-ki-ke: A story of healing, pour nous et pour la terre
Team #8341

Emilio Portal, Matthew Hunter, Jayden Daoust, Elyse Portal, William Morin, Miranda Virtanen, Naomi Grant, Cora-Rae Silk, Camille Tremblay Beaulieu, Simon Blakeley, Rebecca Elphick, Megan Tran

“An inspiring and impressive design vision that upends conventional urban planning to prioritize, at long last, an Indigenous-led authorship and engagement of a broad grassroots community. The healing centre, set within a dynamic bridge structure over the water and grass lands surrounding an Indigenous pavilion, sets a new benchmark for Sudbury placemaking.”

– Lisa Rochon, Competition Juror and founder of CityLab in Toronto.

Northern Traction
Team #3802

Zain Karsan, Natalie Bellefleur

“Effortless and engaging public interface by way of a compelling and accessible video and purpose-designed app. Step by step, one phase at a time, the design presents a sublime logic for a meaningful reinvention of Sudbury.”

– Lisa Rochon, Competition Juror and founder of CityLab in Toronto.

Student Category

$10,000 CAD

And the winner is…

Team #5213

Aidan Lucas, Maeve Macdonald

Re-stitched tugs at the loose threads of where we’ve been and enables us to imagine where we can go. This submission embraces who and what we are and then re-stitches the pieces to create a new tapestry that re-imagines an urban core as a destination for everyone.”

– Deb McIntosh, Competition Jury Member, Councillor City of Greater Sudbury

Honourable Mentions - Student Category

The following two projects received an honourable mention by the jury.

“The city center is reimagined as a network of different systems connected with downtown magnets or hubs developed according to the principles of ecological urbanism. Development focusses on re-greening the community and creating productive landscapes as well as new closed loop sustainable research and production facilities.  A new market zone is enhanced by preserving the character and sense of place provided by existing railway buildings to honor the past and provide an aspirational future.”

– Victor Kolynchuk, Competition Juror and Architecture49

Urban Constellation: Sudbury, a dreaming city
Constellation urbaine : Sudbury, rêver la ville
Team #1478

Gaël Biache, Elise Dalmasso

“Urban Constellation inspires us to look at the bigger picture with a nightly reminder of the bigger world out there. Revealing the night sky within the urban core would nightly connect people to the natural environment and create a mind shift in thinking that could help lead us toward our community’s goal to reach Net Zero by 2050.”

– Deb McIntosh, Competition Jury Member and Councillor, City of Greater Sudbury

People's Choice

$3,000 CAD

Awarded after the finalists were posted and the public had the opportunity to view them and vote.

And the winner is…

Bold & Beautiful
Team #4245

Singapore/Thailand/Hong Kong
Bryan Jian Hao Goh, Charmaine Chua Wei Ying, Chun Ho Christopher Wong, Nabhatsorn Na Thalang, Rachel Yi En Chiam, and Tessa Hui Zhi Tan

“This fact-based solution translates an analysis of demographics and trends into clear objectives.  Demonstrated examples support practical, real world measures and solutions for different age groups to make a livable and sustainable city.”

– Victor Kolynchuk, Competition Juror and Architecture49